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PATNA: A spell of heavy rain played spoilsport in the literary activity that was scheduled to be held on June 25 (on Thursday) at the birthplace of world-famous legendary English writer Eric Arthur Blair, known far and wide by his pen name George Orwell.

George Orwell was born on June 25 in 1903 at Bihar’s Motihari in the official residence of his father Richard Walmesley Blair, who was then working in the opium department of the Indian Civil Services during the British rule in East Champaran, which is headquartered at Motihari now.

George Orwell stayed in the government bungalow, which still exists at Motihari town, for one year after his birth. Thereafter, he was taken to London by his mother Ida Mabel Blair.

After it was confirmed that George Orwell’s birthplace was Motihari in 1983, the state government of Bihar declared his single-storey residence as a “protected monument of historical importance” in 2010.

George Orwell is well known for having authored a number of literary books including the world-famous Animal Farm and others on anti-fascism and many others.

Orwell’s birthday every year is remembered with literary activities like seminars and discussions. “This year too, his birthday was scheduled to be remembered with a seminar and other associated literary activities today. State government’s arts and culture minister and other literary personalities were invited but heavy rains spoiled the annual remembrance activities, dedicated to George Orwell.” said Deopriye Mukherjee, the chairman of the George Orwell Commemorative Committee at Motihari.

Mukherjee said that through this committee and the Motihari Rotary club along with other people, he is working hard to get the birthplace developed as an internationally important literary spot in remembrance of George Orwell.

A lot of people, even from abroad, adore the literary creation of knowing George Orwell and are willing to visit the place of his birth but lack of proper development has hampered their visits.

A proposal was moved long ago to develop a literary museum and library at the spot with literature works of not only George Orwell but also other Bihar-born literary figures. However, this hasn’t happened yet.

A couple of days ago, Principal Secretary of State Tourism department, Sanjay Kumar, visited the spot which has raised hope for a facelift of this birthplace of George Orwell.

Vaishwajeet Mukherjee, Motihari born freelance journalist turned-documentary maker, made a 22-mimute documentary on Orwell’s life titled “George Orwell in the land of Satyagrah” in 2016 which won three international awards in 2018 at Darbhanga International Film festival.

In the documentary, Richard Blair, the son of George Orwell, had expressed keen interest to visit the birthplace of his father in Motihari. 

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